December 28, 2023

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If you are considering breast augmentation, one of the most common questions you might ask is, “will pregnancy ruin my results?” The answer is no; pregnancy will not ruin the results of your breast augmentation. However, pregnancy can cause changes to your body that may affect your breast implants and how they look. If you dream of one day starting a family, you should keep a few things in mind after your procedure.

Is It Safe to Have Breast Implants Before Pregnancy?

If you become pregnant after breast augmentation, there is no need to worry. It is essential to understand that while your body may undergo many changes during pregnancy, the implants themselves will remain the same. In fact, breast implants are designed to be durable, keep their integrity over a long period, and remain resilient throughout life’s many cycles. 


How Pregnancy Affects Breast Implants

There are a few ways in which pregnancy can affect breast implants. Breasts often become enlarged and swell as a natural response to the body’s preparation to breastfeed. Changes in weight throughout the course of pregnancy can sometimes cause the shape of the breasts to transform as your body adjusts. This, in turn, may stretch the skin, resulting in sagging around the implants and causing the breasts to become less firm. Additionally, the change in tissue and the size of the implants can influence the overall appearance of your breast augmentation post-pregnancy.

In many cases, these changes may be temporary and resolve themselves after pregnancy and breastfeeding are complete. However, every individual case is different, with genetics being a large determinant, making it difficult to predict precisely how your breast augmentation will look after pregnancy. If the skin is excessively stretched out, this can be easily remedied by removing skin and tightening the breast tissue with a breast lift. Establishing open lines of communication with your surgeon and creating a detailed plan of action can help mitigate any concerns you may have while adapting to these changes. 

Is it Possible to Still Breastfeed with Implants?

Deciding to breastfeed or not can be difficult, even for those who do not have implants. For those with implants who are expecting, it is natural to wonder if their breast implants impede breastfeeding and if doing so is safe for the baby. It is paramount to understand that breastfeeding is safe, even with implants. Dr. Tjelmeland uses a surgical technique where in the process of creating the pocket under the muscle for the breast implant, he does not cut through the actual breast glandular tissue. Thus, when the implant is placed, no breast tissue or breast ducts are damaged. This procedure allows for implants to be placed away from the milk ducts in a way that should not hinder the ability to breastfeed. If you are considering a breast augmentation and want to keep your option to breastfeed open for the future, discuss this with your surgeon before the procedure to formulate the right path for you. 

Options After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

While pregnancy and breastfeeding will not ruin the results of your breast augmentation, they can affect how your breasts look and feel. Changes in your body occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding; the cycle of weight gain and then weight loss associated with pregnancy can lead to an increase or decrease in breast size. These changes can sometimes result in a loss or gain in volume in the breast, and the skin around the implants may stretch or thin out. If there have been dramatic changes to your original breast augmentation, a breast lift may be a great option to consider restoring the contour and texture.  

Find Out If Breast Augmentation Is Right For You

When considering whether breast augmentation before pregnancy is right for you, it is important to realize that there does not have to be a trade-off in the look you want to achieve now with the family you may one day wish to start. It is essential to talk to your doctor and devise the best strategy, and doing so can minimize potential risks and ensure options are available to you in the long term. Check out Meridian Plastic Surgery Center to learn more about breast augmentation and what options best suit you.