10 Tips To Help You Recover From A Mommy Makeover

August 3, 2017

Many moms experience a range of emotions when they finish having babies and breastfeeding. Of course, there’s the relief of being “finished.” But many women also experience a strong desire to “get their body back” now that their family planning is completed. Only a...

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8 Ways To Tell If You Are A Good Candidate For A Facelift

July 24, 2017

Having loose skin and wrinkles on your face can have a serious impact on our patients’ sense of self-worth and confidence. In fact, your wrinkles might be the only thing you notice about your face when you look in the mirror. However, patients that...

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5 Tips To Improve Scarring After A Mommy Makeover

July 13, 2017

There’s no getting around it: whenever the skin is cut, the body will form a scar when it heals. When Dr. Tjelmeland talks to patients about a mommy makeover, Austin moms are usually very concerned about making sure that their incision scars are as...

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Do Hairlines Shift After A Facelift?

July 3, 2017

One of the main priorities for our patients who want to get a facelift is that they get gorgeous, natural-looking results. Patients don’t want to get that “pulled tight” look that’s typical for older facelifts and instead just want their face to look fresh...

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Can a Mommy Makeover Reduce My Stretch Marks?

June 22, 2017

Some of our absolute favorite patients to work with are our mommy makeover patients. Austin moms know the incredible toll that pregnancy puts on their bodies and we love helping moms get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. Stretch marks are a common effect that happens...

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Are Facelift Results Permanent?

June 12, 2017

One question that many patients ask us is if their facelift results are permanent. While our patients will certainly look refreshed, younger, and more rested, their bodies and skin will still continue to age after their facelift. Austin patients will usually be able to...

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