Your skin has an outer layer, serving as a protective barrier against the sun or other external factors that might cause bodily damage. As valuable as this protective barrier can be, it is not without its downsides. Over time, this protective barrier starts accumulating dead skin cells, which can make your skin’s complexion appear listless and dull.

If you feel like your skin is not as radiant or as youthful as it could be, Diamond Glow® treatment may help. This groundbreaking treatment offers a non-surgical way to smooth away those dead skin cells, and ultimately to reveal the true beauty and brightness of your skin.

At Meridian Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety of skincare procedures, including Diamond Glow®, to patients in the Austin, TX area.

What is Diamond Glow®?

The Diamond Glow® treatment is often likened to a conventional facial. As with a normal facial, Diamond Glow® exfoliates the skin, removing that outer layer of dead skin cells and buffing the skin beneath it, all with the intention of revealing a clear, bright complexion.

What makes Diamond Glow® different is that, rather than relying on liquids, it has a unique diamond-tipped applicator that allows for a much deeper exfoliation, and a more comprehensive extraction of any debris that is clogging your pores. And, once the skin is thoroughly exfoliated, the Diamond Glow® treatment infuses the skin with revitalizing serums, intended to enhance the luminosity of your skin and offer long-lasting results.

The Diamond Glow® treatment method can provide remarkable results with just a single treatment, though multiple treatments can compound your benefits and lead to even greater skin clarity.

Who is Diamond Glow® For?

Diamond Glow® may be a good treatment for anyone who is longing to revitalize their dull, lifeless skin or to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and acne. We also recommend Diamond Glow® for patients who hope to achieve clear, bright skin without the need for surgical intervention or extended downtime.

Additionally, the serum infusion can be effective for anyone whose skin is marred by sunspots, hyperpigmentation, age spots, or oversized pores.

The best way to determine whether you are a good candidate for a successful Diamond Glow® treatment is to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our skincare specialists.

What Benefits Can I Expect from Diamond Glow®?

Diamond Glow® is a popular treatment option because it provides remarkable improvements to your skin in as little as 30 minutes. Additionally, our patients love Diamond Glow® because they can see significant improvement with just a single treatment. Following your first Diamond Glow® treatment, you may experience a discernible brightening of your skin, a greater level of skin clarity, and a notable reduction of wrinkles and blemishes.

Diamond Glow® provides ongoing effects, thanks to the serum infusion, and choosing to have multiple treatments will result in even more pronounced, ongoing improvement to your skin.

How Will I Look and Feel During and After the Treatment?

One of the great things about Diamond Glow® is that it is a soothing, relaxing treatment. Many patients liken their treatment to a day at the spa and tell us that they leave feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Your treatment will begin with your skincare specialist talking with you about your needs and goals, then choosing the serums that are right for you. You will then have your skin cleansed before the Diamond Glow® procedure is performed with a specialized wand or handpiece. A closed-loop vacuum system is used to exfoliate the skin, gently abrading away dead skin with each pass while also infusing the skin with a skincare serum. Your skin will look clearer, brighter, and feel smoother to the touch right away.

Following your treatment, you will be free to head back to work or resume your other daily activities. You may experience some minor redness or skin irritation, which should clear up on its own in a matter of hours.

Can Diamond Glow® be Combined with Other Treatments?

In order to achieve the maximum aesthetic benefit, you may decide to combine your Diamond Glow® treatment with injectable fillers, phototherapy, or even BOTOX®. To learn more about the best combination of treatments, we invite you to contact Meridian Plastic Surgery Center in Austin, TX at (512) 617-7500.