May 27, 2015

Surgery can cause some changes in how sensitive your breasts or nipples are. For most Austin breast augmentation patients, these changes are temporary, though there are cases in which women lose sensitivity permanently.

Some of the factors that affect loss of sensitivity are related to your body type and breast structure. However, the strategy that your surgeon uses and the level of his or her skill also play a role.

Understanding Breast Augmentation’s Effect on Sensitivity

During your surgery, your doctor should take care to protect important nerves that connect to the nipple. This starts by recommending a breast implant size that is appropriate for your body type and frame.

Breast implants that are too large for your body can stretch your skin and damage the nerves, which may affect sensation in your breast or nipples. Careful surgery combined with an artistic eye and experience help surgeons avoid this concern.

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What Austin Breast Augmentation Patients Can Expect

In the majority of patients, loss of sensitivity only lasts for a short time. Dr. Tjelmeland advises patients that it may take a few weeks or even several months to regain all of the sensation in the breasts or nipples.

This tends to follow your overall recovery after surgery. By the time your breast augmentation heals completely, your sensitivity should be restored. In some cases, patients may need to wait a full year, however, as the nerves may need time to regenerate.

There are some rare cases in which patients do not regain sensation after surgery. Obviously, this is an outcome women want to avoid. Select a board-certified, experienced, and skillful surgeon to reduce the risks of surgery and to get the most attractive results possible.

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