About the Neck Lift Procedure

One of the most common signs of aging is loose, excess skin in the lower face and neck area. Regain a more youthful appearance with a neck lift from Meridian Plastic Surgery.

For this procedure, Dr. Tjelmeland helps Austin neck lift patients:

  • Firm up the skin around their neck and lower face.
  • Remove unwanted deposits of fat.
  • Tighten the neck muscles.

Neck lift surgery is common among patients over 45 years old, though the procedure may be a good option for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their appearance.

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Our Neck Lift Process

Your initial consultation with Meridian Plastic Surgery in Austin will give you the information you need about neck lift surgery and help you understand how the procedure will change your appearance. Dr. Tjelmeland may recommend that you combine a neck lift with a traditional facelift to provide complete and natural-looking improvement.

During a neck lift surgery, Dr. Tjelmeland prioritizes your care and aims for results that are a subtle improvement over your existing appearance by:

  • Using Harmonic® scalpel technology to elevate skin. This tool means less bruising, swelling, inflammation, and discomfort during your recovery.
  • Making incisions beneath the chin to remove loose, excess skin.
  • Tightening the neck muscles and suctions unwanted fatty tissue to achieve a better-contoured neckline.

Many patients choose to have additional facial procedures at the same time as their neck lift, such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), brow lift, or nose surgery (rhinoplasty). You can discuss these options with Dr. Tjelmeland during your consultation.

Recovery After a Neck Lift Surgery

Immediately following neck lift surgery, you may wear a dressing and have a surgical drain to encourage faster healing. Dr. Tjelmeland will remove these dressings and drain the day after the procedure. He will also check to make sure you are progressing well in your recovery and that you are healing comfortably enough. Dr. Tjelmeland can prescribe pain medication as necessary.

Expect to return to work in 10-14 days depending on the requirements of your job. Patients can typically return to their exercise routine in about three weeks. Once you have healed, you should notice a significant improvement in your lower face: firmer, smoother skin, and a years-younger appearance.

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