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Breast Lift Options for Fuller Breasts

Whether due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations, age or simply heredity, some women find a breast lift is the best way to regain the volume and shape their breasts once had. There are many different types of breast lifts, and a consultation is the best way to find out which is right for you.

Breast lift surgery, is one of the most common procedures performed by Dr. Tjelmeland. There are several standard types of lifts to consider, including the crescent lift, circumareolar lift and the full lift. Each one is specifically tailored to the individual patient’s anatomy and considers the amount of sagging, breast tissue loss and nipple position. Often, an implant is also used during the procedure to give added fullness.

Risks and benefits of a breast lift must be weighed by each individual to ensure the right decision is made. Many times a breast implant alone can be enough to lift and reshape the breasts. At your consult, Dr. Tjelmeland will evaluate you to see if a breast lift is necessary. If so, the procedure will be tailored to your particular body to ensure the best result with the least amount of scarring possible. For many women, the scars are very much worth the benefit of having fuller, perkier and more shapely breasts. Dr. Tjelmeland’s Physician Assistant, Cynthia Villacis, PA-C, sees these patients through their surgical journey along with Dr. Tjelmeland. “Most of our patients are pleased at how nicely the scars fade over time,” Villacis says.

Please visit our website to view before and after photographs of breast lift patients. To schedule a consultation for a breast lift or another procedure of interest, please email our Patient Coordinator, Sarah Baty, or call the office at (512) 617-7500.