June 11, 2015

Breast augmentation can help women achieve fuller breasts and a more contoured body. However, some patients can experience changes after their procedure that require follow-up surgery.

With an Austin breast augmentation revision, Dr. Tjelmeland can typically resolve the concerns that patients have, whether they have had a procedure with low-quality results through another plastic surgeon or have experienced an unwanted development related to their implants. While these situations are not common, you should be familiar with these problems so that you know when you need to seek care.

Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation Revision

Poor results from other surgeons. Unfortunately, not every plastic surgeon offers the same level of expertise and experience. Patients may be unhappy with the size of their breasts; the position of the breasts on their chest; or the shape of the implants that the surgeon selected. Dr. Tjelmeland spends time with his patients to understand their goals before surgery and to select an implant that can provide aesthetically pleasing results.

Sagging. Heredity, aging, and the condition of the skin can all impact the appearance of a breast augmentation. As the breast tissue sags, implants can move out of position or become more evident. Dr. Tjelmeland’s breast augmentation revision surgery reduces sagging and often employs a breast lift. He also replaces existing implants with new implants that suit the patient’s frame.

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Capsular contracture. Breast augmentation surgery creates a pocket for the implant. In some patients, the immune system causes the resulting scar tissue to tighten. This can change the shape or position of the implant. Studies suggest that proper medical technique and high-quality surgical facilities reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

Leaking. Older-generation breast implants have the potential to leak or deflate over time. This can cause an imbalance in the appearance of the breasts and the patient’s overall contour.

How Meridian Plastic Surgery Supports Austin Patients with Breast Augmentation Revision

Dr. Tjelmeland has extensive experience and can assess your specific situation to determine what procedures should benefit you. As with a typical breast augmentation, the process starts with an initial consultation. During this discussion, you will share details about your past operation as well as the issues that are concerning you.

Revision surgery is often more complex than the initial augmentation because the surgeon must anticipate changes in the structure of the breast and remove the existing implants. Dr. Tjelmeland plans procedures extensively to achieve results that meet your personal goals and provide a natural-looking, attractive outcome.

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