About the Procedure

Breast augmentation surgery is an effective way of creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, some patients may not have benefitted from the latest breast implant technology and techniques.

Older generation implants may leak, become firm, or change in shape or position. Also, the aging process and pregnancy can cause breast tissue to sag over time. Austin breast revision patients can resolve these concerns with a procedure at Meridian Plastic Surgery.

How Breast Revision Works

Dr. Tjelmeland has extensive experience in breast revision surgery and can assess your specific needs to develop a plan for your procedure.

In your initial consultation, you’ll talk about the issues you are experiencing and what the root causes may be. Dr. Tjelmeland will conduct an examination and make recommendations for how to restore your breasts to a more aesthetically pleasing state.

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While Dr. Tjelmeland tailors every procedure to the individual, Austin breast revision patients typically require:

  • Removal of the old implants and scar tissue.
  • An adjustment of the implant pocket to position it properly.
  • A replacement with new implants.
  • Sometimes, a breast lift is needed to reduce sagging and give the breasts a younger appearance.

In most cases, breast revision surgery is more complex and lengthy than the original procedure. Dr. Tjelmeland takes the time to address each of the concerns you have with your breast augmentation to achieve the results you want.

Recovery After Breast Revision Surgery

Your recovery following a breast revision is usually similar to your original breast augmentation, or easier. Likely, you can return to work within 4-5 days. Dr. Tjelmeland may recommend that you wear a special support bra for the first few days or weeks after surgery. This is both for your comfort and to speed along your recovery.

Throughout your recuperation, Meridian Plastic Surgery will be available to you to address any questions you have and to help you stay comfortable following your procedure. By the time you heal, you can expect your breasts to have an improved look and feel without the issues you were experiencing before surgery.

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