June 13, 2013

I wanted large implants 600+  I Did Not want a natural look.
I went on numerous consults with plastic surgeons in Austin.
Even the famous “Dr.Walden” who moved here from NYC.
During my consult she made the comment with disgust “I don’t understand why women here want such large breast.”
I knew right then she was not my surgeon! We didn’t have the same vision at all!
As well, “Personique Surgeons” not for me either.
I knew a few people who had work done with Dr. Tjelmeland and they were very happy with the results.
I had my consult.
I did have to wait just a little while.
Dr. Tjemeland was very professional totally understood what I wanted,no judgement passed for wanting large implants/fake look.
He was my surgeon he understood me!
Day of surgery I left it up to him to decide how many cc’s my body could handle with out potential risk of bottoming out and or other BA complications.
My BA was a success!
All follow up care has been great!
He and his staff don’t just get your money and then forget about you.
My emails are responded to promptly and my actual doctor visits have all gone very well!

One “Con” there some incorrect information on my paper work.
It was promptly addressed and corrected, but it still concerned me/made me nervous.

He is a talented surgeon my breasts look amazing!
Dr. Tjemeland has the whole surgery experience perfected.
From the consult, pre op, surgery, post op the Meridian Team of receptionists, nurses, physician assistant, and the anesthesiology group guides you through the process step by step by step!
They know what the patients need and how the entire experience should be handled.
A talented professional surgeon with a talented professional team!

*TIP* Dr. Tjemeland is affordable and offers a nice cash discount.
*TIP* I did not want the natural look but for those of you who want the natural look I’ve seen his work he did a great job!

Overall, I would highly recommend Merdian and Dr. Tjemeland for Breast Augmentation Surgery!