July 20, 2015

Tummy tuck surgery can provide you with a trimmer, more attractive figure by reducing the size of your abdomen. While it isn’t designed as a weight-loss procedure, it can eliminate both physical and emotional obstacles to weight loss.

Dr. Tjelmeland will typically recommend that Austin tummy tuck patients have the procedure after they are already near their ideal weight but unhappy with excess skin and fat in their midsection area. Other surgical procedures, including gastric bypass, are better suited to helping patients achieve significant weight loss.

Who Should Consider Tummy Tuck?

You may be thinking about tummy tuck surgery after you’ve already had significant weight loss or been pregnant. Both of these experiences can leave you with unwanted extra skin around the abdomen and with some additional pounds you’d still like to lose.

Dr. Tjelmeland uses tummy tuck to:

  • Give you a flatter, tighter abdomen.
  • Improve your appearance in a wide range of outfits and styles.
  • Make physical activity more comfortable.

While none of these benefits focus on weight loss, they can assist you in shedding pounds after you have recovered from your procedure.

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How Surgery Can Help Austin Tummy Tuck Patients Lose Weight

Excess skin and fat in your tummy area can be a huge challenge to weight loss. First, there are the physical problems. Whether it’s walking, jogging, sports, or aerobics, loose skin can cause you discomfort during vigorous exercise. Tummy tuck surgery eliminates this obstacle, which may encourage you to exercise more regularly.

There’s also the emotional side. Seeing abdominal flab in a mirror or struggling with certain clothing styles can make you feel unhappy with the way you look and undermine your efforts to improve your appearance. Tummy tuck surgery provides an overnight change in your body’s contour. This can help you recommit to diet and exercise and allow you to shed the remaining unwanted pounds.

If the biggest obstacle you face in losing weight is the loose skin and excess fat in your abdominal area, consider tummy tuck. While it isn’t designed for weight loss, it can set you on the path to achieve that goal.

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