What Parts of the Face Does a Facelift Correct?

September 22, 2016

Are you considering a facelift in Austin? If so, you may be wondering which of your facial features a facelift can correct. Can a facelift help with your wrinkles? Your sagging skin? Your neck? Read on as Austin Dr. Tjelmeland of Meridian Plastic Surgery...

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How Can Blepharoplasty Correct My Under-Eye Bags?

August 31, 2016

It has often been said, “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” so it’s no wonder that Austin patients want to have aesthetically pleasing eyes that draw people in. You can have the most beautiful irises around, but if you have unsightly under-eye...

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Breast Surgery is Ideal for Winter Months

February 1, 2013

Tips for Living Healthy and Looking Great Breast Surgery is Ideal for Winter Months As the winter months pass and spring months approach, there’s another season on top of many minds — swimsuit season. If you have been considering getting a breast augmentation, this...

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Botox Injections for Reduced Underarm Sweating

May 1, 2012

Tips for Living Healthy and Looking Great 50% Off Laser Hair Removal, Including Packages Valid Through June 30th Stay Cool This Summer With Botox Injections For Reduced Underarm Sweating Most people know how they can benefit from Botox for wrinkles on their forehead and...

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Easier Scheduling for Botox®

October 10, 2010

Our clients love the results they get from Botox®, so we’re making it easier than ever to schedule appointments for those Botox® emergencies. Our board-certified physician assistant, Cynthia Villacis, performs Botox treatments daily. Please contact Cynthia to schedule a treatment by email at

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Injectable Fillers & Spider Vein Removal

February 10, 2009

As we start the new year with renewed energy toward looking and feeling our best, we hope you’ll enjoy our monthly newsletter containing valuable health tips and news on the latest advances in cosmetic surgery. Read on for ways to be your best in...

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Can I Get a Browlift and Blepharoplasty at the Same Time?

August 28, 2015

Your eyes make a significant impact on your overall appearance. If they look rested and if your eyelids look smooth-skinned, you will give people a very different impression about your age and physical state than if your eyes are tired-looking, heavy-lidded, or wrinkled. Austin...

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How Can I Get Natural-Looking Results with a Facelift?

August 19, 2015

Chances are that you have seen an Austin facelift patient whose looks seem drawn and unnatural. This “wind-swept” appearance undermines the whole purpose of a facelift: change that is subtle, effective, and attractive. Poor surgical techniques often lead to this type of result. The...

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